The red polaroid carries out the "eight - one" consolation activity

Company news
2017/10/30 15:50

The army and the people fish and water, jointly build a family. On July 26, be in "bayi army day" is approaching, RuiYiMin group company general manager, deputy party secretary Wei Shuiming, such as a line, with a red polaroid profound friendship, came to the fire brigade, visit the fire officers and men of fighting for a long time in a line, and to pay holiday and best wishes for them.

Sympathy, RuiYiMin said, fire officers and soldiers to escort a peace, very hard, and the soldiers regardless of personal safety, go through fire and water, mental commendable, for economic development in time of peace and gaochun made tremendous contributions to the social stability, sincerely wish them a happy holiday! (jiang li)


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