Safe and green

Safe production management
1. The company is a chemical industry. In the process of production and operation, the company attaches great importance to safety protection. Passed the certification of OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system in 2003, and passed GB/t28001-2001 occupational health and safety management system certification in 2006. For 11 consecutive years from 2004 to 2010, the all-china federation of trade unions, the national security held by the state administration of work won the champion enterprise "ankang cup" contest activities, and access to "ankang cup" contest winning streak, demonstration enterprise title, red polaroid national May 1 labor medal awarded 2010 countries.
2. The company's safe production supervision and management institution is sound and relevant system measures are in place:
1. Established and improved the safety organization. The joint stock company established the department of safety and supervision, supervised the safety management of the subsidiary, and all affiliated subsidiaries also established the security management department and full-time security management. In the production segment, the work section, the team, all equipped with full-time or part-time security personnel, the responsibility to carry out the clear.
2. Improve the safety rules and regulations. Company formulated the "safe production responsibility system", "production safety meeting management system", "safety training education management system", "production safety rewards and punishments management system", "fire prevention and explosion protection management system", the system of safety management, the system of special equipment safety management, the system of special operation safety management, the system of occupational health management in fifty three safety management system, and earnestly implement the implementation. At the same time, we should strengthen the safety of education and post emergency skills training to improve the safety awareness and the ability of emergency handling accidents.
3. Strict operation procedures. Company produced all kinds of operational procedures, require employees in accordance with the procedures, ensure the system stable running, found the timely processing of accident hidden danger, and will be a comprehensive inspection, professional inspection and seasonal inspection, find the potential accidents. Hidden dangers rectification immediately arrange immediate improvement, not immediate improvement in place, will be issued the notice of hidden dangers rectification, appoint someone who's in charge, rectification within a time limit, the review was carried out on the rectification of their department.
4. Improve the fire safety protection system. Company adopted the "production process DCS control technology", "smoke and temperature automatic alarm fire extinguishing system", "combustible gas alarm system" and other automatic control, alarm, the advanced security technology, intelligent monitoring.
5. The departments and subsidiaries shall carry out all kinds of safety activities on a regular basis, and the management department shall conduct no less than 1 safety activities per month, and the production department shall conduct no less than 2 safety activities per month. The security activities plan of the department is designed to instill safety knowledge and develop safety skills through various safety activities. The human resources department according to the production condition is not organize regular staff for safety management system training, production procedures and training, three big system knowledge training, accident emergency response knowledge training, etc., comprehensive ability training of staff, make every employee has match this position knowledge skills, contribute to the company's safe production.
6. Formulate emergency plan for production safety accidents and strengthen emergency planning exercises. The company insists that all kinds of responsibility units under normal production, organize employees to carry out preplan drills, improve daily work vigilance, and strengthen the emergency handling capacity of accidents. The company has held fire sports meeting every year for nineteen years, which has improved employees' safety awareness and emergency response ability.
3. The company purchases five social insurance and one housing fund for employees, and has purchased property insurance for all machine equipment, housing and other fixed assets, which provides post-mortem protection for safe production.
Environmental protection
1. Green culture
Based on the product characteristics and internal and external environment changes, the company has gradually established the mission of "providing green products and services to make the world a better place". First, the process and result of providing products and services to customers are in line with energy conservation, environmental protection and green concept; Second, through the development of green chemical industry, the provision of green products and services, the improvement of human living environment should make due contribution. At the same time, the company established the vision of "become the industry leader", not only to achieve the market share first, customer satisfaction comprehensive score first, and to become a national green chemical industry and circular economy demonstration enterprises, through the lead, formulate relevant national standards (including the clean production standards in the industry), standardize and guide the healthy development of the industry.
2. Environmental management system
In 1999, the company passed the ISO9001 quality management system, on the basis of implementing ISO14001:1996 environmental management standards, in accordance with the standard to code the environmental manual, 17 program files, 39, supporting documents, has collected more than 60 environmental protection laws and regulations, formed a relatively complete environmental management system, in December 2000, the company successfully passed ISO14001 environmental management system certification, become the nanjing area and even the first in the industry to get into the international market "green card" of the enterprise. In 2006, the company successfully implemented ISO14001:2006 standard in certification, improve the system of more than 50 copies of document revision, supplement collected 53 applicable environmental protection laws and regulations and standards, improve the environmental management system documents, procedural, standardized level. So far, the environmental management system has maintained a continuous and effective operation.
3. Organization guarantee
Environmental protection for the company, general manager of the first, the various departments and subsidiaries, director of environmental protection the first responsible persons for this unit, their department is to manage the business department of environmental protection, with full-time environmental engineer 2 people, part-time environmental engineer 10 people. The company determines the environmental protection goals every year, and signs the environmental protection target management responsibility, which clarifies the environmental responsibilities and responsibilities of all levels and types of personnel, and ensures that the environmental protection work is implemented.
Company in accordance with the requirements for environmental protection work, establish the enterprise internal "company, workshop, team" three-grade regulatory network, clear regulation time, content, responsible and relevant requirements, the company leadership and functional departments, each department (workshop), the team to share supervisory duties, found the process of checking the violation behavior, to seriously implement standard and effective of departments and individuals to reward, to improve the enthusiasm of all departments involved in environmental protection work, initiative.
4. Environmental products and technologies
Company actively advocate low carbon life, develop environmental protection products and technologies, the ODS elimination, alternative renewable resource, building insulation, new energy use, "zero emissions" technology, etc, to carry out a series of fruitful work, has the development and production the as - 141 - b, cyclopentane, ring/isopentane, all water, HFC - 245 - fa and HFC - 245 - fa / 365 MFC non-fresno portfolio polyether product, in the country first in the industry achieved by high fluoride and low fluorine to cfc-free, upgrading. The "low K" (low K value, low density, low exponential type and rapid ejection) can be used to reduce energy consumption and increase production efficiency. Biological base polyether polyol technology, the vegetable oil is made into polyurethane hard foam with biological base polyol, and the resource recycling of vegetable oil substitute. Isopropanolamine adopts the technology of supercritical continuous zero emission synthesis production, and the safety and environmental protection level reaches the international lead.
5. Clean production
Company, according to the principle of reduction, reuse and recycling, by means of standardization, actively promote energy saving, water saving, material saving and comprehensive utilization of resources, reduce emissions, clean production circular economy such as advanced technology, to realize the harmonious development of economy, society and environment. In May 2003, the company took the lead in the first round of the clean production audit activity in the region, implemented the clean production plan 138 items, and passed the first batch of clean production audit in nanjing city in November 2004. In 2005, the company launched the second round of cleaner production activities, aiming at establishing the long-term mechanism of clean production, and implemented 260 projects of cleaner production. In 2008, the company passed the clean production review in nanjing, and reached the second level (domestic advanced). In 2009, the company launched a third round of cleaner production activities and commissioned third-party institutions to participate in cleaner production audit and improve the effect of cleaner production activities.
6. Pollutant discharge
The company will continue to improve and improve the operation effect of pollutant treatment facilities on the basis of actively promoting cleaner production and effective control of pollutants, and ensure that pollutant discharge is up to standard. The water pollution shunt was carried out in the interior, and after the pretreatment, the sewage pipe network was discharged into the development zone. Boilers use natural gas, and emissions of soot, nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide are small. The exhaust gas from the laboratory is discharged after the purification of the tower water. The life garbage is unified by sanitation; The hazardous waste storage site meets the standard requirements, the marks are clear and classified, and the anti-rain, anti-leakage and anti-dust measures are adopted. The safe storage rate and the safe disposal rate are all 100%.
7. Environmental safety
The company created the system of environmental emergency management, the system of solid hazardous waste management and a series of management system, and set up the emergency team, equipped with emergency supplies, equipment and protective equipment. Organize emergency personnel to conduct drills every year to improve the ability to cope with environmental emergencies and reduce environmental risks. After the exercise, organize relevant personnel to evaluate the effectiveness of the exercise, and take countermeasures against existing problems, including revising the management system, perfecting the program and procedures.
8, abide by the law
Company earnestly implement the national environmental protection laws and regulations, strengthen the prevention and control of industrial pollution, strengthening enterprise management, all implement environmental protection "three simultaneity" construction projects, environmental protection facilities operating normally, the pollutant discharging standard, the company has not occurred environment pollution accident, not in contravention of the environmental protection laws and regulations and normative documents by administrative punishment, no environmental protection demands, letters, petitions, and no other environmental violations. Good environmental performance has been spoken highly of the government at all levels and the social public, has been rated as "advanced enterprise of environmental protection in jiangsu province", "green grade enterprise in jiangsu province", "pilot enterprises of circular economy in jiangsu province", "standardization pilot enterprises of circular economy in jiangsu province", "nanjing green grade enterprise", "water-saving demonstration enterprise of jiangsu province", "nanjing water-saving enterprise", "nanjing circular economy demonstration enterprise", "nanjing environmentally friendly enterprise" and so on dozens of environmental protection.

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